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     As a second generation woodworker, my love and appreciation for wood was fostered at a young age.  My parents, Paul and Bonnie Rung, owned Llewellyn House Furniture specializing in Shaker and Colonial reproduction.  I was immersed in the lifestyle of a craftsman throughout my childhood.  As an adult, that experience provided me with the foundation in which to go forth and create my own diverse portfolio.

     For almost 30 years I have been building beautiful, functional, and ecologically responsible pieces for my clients.  A huge range of projects have passed through my hands throughout my career.  Having the opportunity to create and collaborate on so many interesting projects has given me a feeling of deep gratitude both for my clients and my craft.

     After living and honing my craft in Philadelphia for 15 years, my family and I have moved back to my hometown of Chambersburg, PA. 

     My design perspective is a blend of my early traditional training ,  urban experiences,  and a lifetime of appreciating beautiful things.  



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