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“We love wood. We love the smell, the look, the feel. We love it distressed, diseased, pre-used, old and with its own scars and history. We also love crafts made with imagination and love of detail. All this being true, it had not occurred to us that we could have something handmade to fit our needs and function and taste and budget, and that we would actually be able to choose from so many wonderful woods. Adam helped us move through this process. He knows how to listen, how to transform our ideas and how to offer thoughtful options. He is sensitive to our aes ththetic, and he is oh so patient. Once the first custom project was settled in our home, we realized how truly wonderful it is to enjoy a totally unique piece every day. It was not just something we bought in a store. It was made for us and it was about us…and Adam.”

                                                                                    - Nancy F.


 “We live in an 1847 townhouse in Center City Philadelphia.  Whenever we need an experienced craftsman to help us with some specialized project, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind custom piece such as a table or vanity, or the reproduction of historic interior window shutters, we go to Adam Rung. The consistent quality of his work – its thoughtful design, skilled craftsmanship and his collaborative approach to clients – keeps us coming back.  Not only are we always pleased with the results, but anyone we’ve recommended Adam to for woodworking projects always thank us for the introduction. If you need a unique, original or historic wood project done right first time, call Adam Rung.”

                                                                              - Bob C. & Barbara W.


"I am very experienced in working with and bartering with local woodworkers. Adam is easy to work with and has strong creative ideas. His workmanship is up there with the best. I like his green approach as well."

- John A.


“Dear Adam: Just wanted to let you know how great it was working with you over the past few months. Our home is finally completed! Our concrete counter tops, kitchen table, dining table and vanity top are what has set our home apart from the standard. We are looking forward to doing our next project with you.”

                                                                                    - Best Wishes, Craig & Robin W.


“My wife and I met Adam at a juried craft show in Bucks County.  His clean crisp designs caught our eye.  We had need for a corner cabinet in a powder room.  Adam was very easy to work with as he listened to our concerns and came up with a design that was functional, met our needs and was aesthetically pleasing.

            Since meeting Adam I have spent many hours in his shop watching him and learning from him. Adam instilled a desire to get into wood working as a hobby after I retired.  Adam is creative in designing furniture that is functional and beautiful to look at.

            My daughter purchased her first home last year and Adam designed and built her a one-of-a-kind wall unit and shelves that were very original in design, built well and fit her room perfectly.  It truly is the center piece of her family room. Adam also installed the cabinetry in her room and supervised the installation of her entertainment center for her.”

                                                                                    - Laird & Suzanne B.


 “It's a pleasure working with Adam. He understands how to combine artistic forms with the function needed to make his pieces as practical as they are beautiful. He listens to what his clients want and has the experience to suggest the best ways of making their ideas a reality.”

                                                                                    - Dave M.


“What is most interesting about Adam is not just the great pieces he produces, it is the way he interacts with his customers. You don't just order stuff and pick it up when it's ready. I ‘worked’ with Adam on a couple of things. He built me a custom coffee table and a mirror using curly maple, and I've been enjoying them very much for a few years now! We've also been in talks about a top for an outside table and housing for an electronic musical instrument. Adam really helps the customer realize their ideas through extended discussions, examples (check out his showroom / web gallery!), and proposing his own ideas. He takes the time to listen and explain what can be done, and also shares his passion for woodwork (and now additional materials), craftsmanship, design, details and quality. All this makes the interaction great fun and so much more than just a ‘customer / supplier’ relationship.”

                                                                                    - Loich


“For an art exhibition I commissioned Adam to build a swing for an interior space – a nod to bringing the outdoors ‘in’. The juxtaposition was drawn as a reference to childhood memory. Adam's research on American socio-cultural, and recreation history of tree and porch swings, combined with his technical skill and passion for materials resulted in an extraordinary piece of furniture. Adam was a willing and enthusiastic collaborator who was pleased to interpret a curator's vision to create something new beyond his repertoire.”

                                                                                    - Eileen T.


“We are the proud and happy owners of 8 pieces of furniture made by Adam: a natural cherry 4 poster bed; 6 cherry bird cage Windsor chairs and a dining table with a cherry base and birds-eye maple top. The workmanship on the furniture is excellent, plus it was very easy to work with Adam. We have received many compliments from our friends on the pieces that Adam made for us. The pieces are one of a kind and beautiful!”

                                                                        - Trudie & Bob R.


 “Adam created an absolutely beautiful built-in cherry and walnut cabinet, vanity and vanity mirror for our bathroom. We had limited space to work with and storage was a real concern.  Adam worked with us on a creative design that maximized our storage space.  The end result is stunning and unique, as well as functional and has exceeded our expectations!  We had such a positive, pleasant experience with Adam that when we wanted a sofa table for our family room we knew we had to have Adam design and create one for us.”

                                                                                    - Michael & Marge S.

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